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Is there something worth upgrading to? I do use my computer to play video games btw. - mobo

AMD Phenom II 920 x 4 - processor
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  1. Your motherboard has support all the way up to the best Phenom II X6 being the 1100t, and all x4s, like the most commonly sold x4 965, and x6 1045t
  2. If you're gaming get a new motherboard with a pcie 3.0 slot and a new graphics card.

    965be, fx4300, and fx6300 are pretty cheap, but they aren't drastically better then your 920 though.
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    ^^ going to a 965be wouldnt be a huge increase except the 400mhz clock increase at stock, and u can overclock the 920 to that. Going to a fx 6300 is the best upgrade for the cost, but requires a new motherboard, so not going for a rlly cheap $60 motherboard a 970 chipset for around $80-90 will suffice if a motherboard upgrade is an option.

    A 965 BE goes for about $90 and will work in ur current motherboard, u might be held back in the ram as im guessing ur using ddr2. But the 965 be can be overclocked usually to around 4ghz, but ull need a aftermarket cooler if u dont already, and the x6 1045t is locked like ur current x4 so can usually only reach a little less, and its a more difficult way of overclocking
  4. fx 6300 and a 970 motherboard also leaves room for an upgrade to a newer graphics card down the road if you don't have the money for one now.
  5. Thanks for all the info guys.
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