New system not reaching POST

Hi all


Installed everything from scratch.

I have read and done all steps in :

PSU works on another system
Can't test the RAM, but that's irrelevant as nothing happens even when it's taken out of the system.
I do not have access to a similar board with a LGA 1155 socket, so I can't individually test either of them.
I connected the Power Switch from another system to see if the switch on my case was faulty, but it also didn't work.

Standby LED on MOBO lights up
Other diagnostics LED's on board don't light up
Besides a slight twitch (not even a 1/4 turn) in the video card fan when pressing the power button, nothing happens. There is no sound, no movement, no noise, nada.

Note that I started with everything inside (including RAM, video card, SSD). Have been working one step back everytime removing a single item at a time until I was left with nothing but the MOBO, CPU and PSU.

Asus Sabertooth Z77
3570k i5
Corsair TX650 (tested and working)
Corsair Vengeance
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  1. As much as I hate to say it, it is time to get in contact with Asus to start the RMA process - pretty sure it's a faulty mobo you got there.
  2. The one thing you haven't said that you have done is to build the computer outside the case, also try resetting the CMOS memory.
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