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I have a Gigabyte GA-990FX board and the card I have is the HD 7850 2gb. When I put the graphics card in the 16x slot I am not sure if it is seated correctly. I go into device manager and it does see the card. But CPUz and utility 6 gigabyte utility program for overclocking does not see or recognize the graphics card. In that CPUz utility program does not show any info besides the name of the card and type.

My question is how do I know that the card is properly seated. The fans are running and the temperature is about 40°C on Idle while gaming on Battlefield 3 the temperature is around 50°c plus or -5. The card is an extended card so it is pretty long it sits on top of the USB SATA ports and I have to apply good pressure on the card to get to snap into place on the back.

I don't have any issues with the card right now but the utility programs concern me because they do not see any of the information on the graphic card.
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    Try GPU-Z, not CPU-Z. And I've never heard of Utility 6 before, but as far as my quick google search showed me all it is for is SATA ports, nothing to do with a GPU.

    And as far as temps go that's a pretty awesome temp for that card while playing BF3.
  2. that did the trick ty now I can rest easy :)
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