Video card recommendation (blower style)

I'm looking for suggestions for a video card. I haven't been able to find many options at all, given my requirements below. I have the entire system setup (on it now) with everything except for a video card. :cry:

1. 9.8" max for video card
2. 'Blower style' graphics card (shoots air out of the case via the PCI slot). Silverstone recommends this type due to the FT03 Mini case design. After getting the system, I'd like to stick with this recommendation, as a regular GPU fan would blow air directly against the case and circulate it into an already cramped space.
3. Mid range video card largely for general use and sometimes occasional gaming on low/medium settings.
4. Within my price range of HK$1000-1500 or US$139 -193). I've noticed that prices where I live vary from what I see on the net. So as a better guide, within the price range of Inno3D GTX560/Zotac GTX560 SE
5. Rated for 450w minimum or lower
6. Run a 24" monitor, with a 2nd smaller monitor next to it

It seems I have very few options due to the blower style requirement + my price range. So far, I have only found Inno3D GTX560 and Zotac GTX560 SE. Is there much noise/temperature difference between these 2?

Also, I'd take a quieter/cooler video card over one with higher performance. But at this point, I dont really have many options. Please help suggest a card. :pt1cable:

Many thanks

Case: FT03 mini (mini-itx build)
CPU: Intel Core i5-3550
Motherboard: Asus p8z77-i deluxe ITX
CPU water cooler kit: Antec Kuhler H2O 620
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8gb D3-1600 (1 stick, but possible add another stick in the future)
SSD: Crucial M4Slim 128g
HDD: Seagate 320g ST3320620AS 7200rpm
Power supply: Silverstone ST45SF-G 450w
Fan: Only running the 140mm fan that came with case
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  1. Okay...a blower style....139-193....9.8'' one... do you accept radeon hd cards?
    If yes then go with the ASUS aftermarket design of this.
    GTX 560 is more than your budget 193. If you still want 560, go with the zotac.
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