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Well, it seems that I need to start shopping for a new motherboard as the one I have now seems to be dying (often freezes at the initial "Hit DEL to enter setup" screen when I try and boot my PC) So I might as well go ahead and upgrade my CPU and RAM as well instead of spending money on an older motherboard (socket 775)

Was looking to go with the Core i5-3570K as it seems to be the best bang for your buck so to speak.

I don't need anything cutting edge for a motherboard - mostly with my system I play a few video games (mostly WoW, SC2) and surf the net / use MS office. I wouldn't mind having a board with at least some OC capability so down the road I can squeeze some extra juice out of the K series processor but I will never be pusing the boundries of how much you can OC the chip or anything like that. Reliability would be higher on my priority list - this is the second motherboard I have gone through in the last four years, and I didn't OC my old system.

Down the road I may consider Cross Fire for video cards but would never have anything above a two card system.

Other parts that would carry over from my current system:

Seasonic 760 Gold PSU
AMD 6950 video card
Intel 520 SSD

So my questions are:

1) Any suggestions on a reliable, affordable motherboard that would suit my needs?
2) I would also welcome RAM suggestions to go with a new board - I haven't shopped from RAM since DDR2 was king of the hill so I'm not up to date on what's currently good.
3) Is Haswell going to be THAT much better than IB that I should consider trying to coax a few more months out of my current system, or should I just upgrade now?

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  1. 1. Check out the Asus P8Z77 Pro or the Gigabyte Z77 UD3H
    2. The Corsair Vengeance memory is one of the best out right now. Get 2 4GB sticks of it (dual channel), 1600MHz and make sure its low profile so you can fit in an aftermarket heatsink easier.
    3. Well thats quite hard to tell. You cant make sure of hardware performance unless its actually released.
  2. <----- what's your budget, what country, etc....
  3. Ooops, sorry.

    Approximate Purchase Date: In the next week or two, or sooner if my MOBO dies sooner.

    Budget Range: For CPU, RAM and MOBO - ideally between $500 and $600 not including rebates. (but don't require rebates)

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, surfing the net, MS Office

    Parts Not Required: Seasonic 760 Gold PSU, HAF 922 case, AMD 6950 video card, Intel 520 SSD, WD 1 TB HDD

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: or

    Country: Canada

    Parts Preferences: Doesn't matter as long as it's reliable

    Overclocking: Maybe but nothing too extensive

    SLI or Crossfire: Not at this time but would like to have the option to add a second card down the road

    Monitor Resolution: 1680x1050
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