What could cause bottleneck in PlanetSide2?

Hi, im getting an annyoing bottleneck in PlanetSide 2, and i'm not sure what is causing it. My GPU's are only running at around 50% of usage. And only getting around 45-50 FPS in areas with a lot of action.

My specs:

P8Z77 -V DELUXE (mobo)
GTX 670 x2
4x4 gigs of 2133 hz ram
intel i7 3770K (overclocked to 4120 MHz)
OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB SSD

And then what do i need to buy to have no bottleneck?
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  1. that system should not have problems with any game..
  2. That what irritates me.. Cause i have no problems in any other game than PlanetSide 2 :/
  3. It's probably the games fault or the drivers fault. Do you have the latest Nvidia drivers ? try not playing on S.L.I. not all games support multi GPU
  4. I have the latest Nvidia drivers, and i have tried to disable SLI. Doesn't make things better..
  5. Sorry i have no idea then :(
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