Suggest me a gaming build! ($500-550)

I DON'T need windows 7 OR a case. Looking for something capable of recording midrange games (thinking Skyrim, Tf2, Dota 2, Minecraft with HD texture packs) at high/max settings.

My budget, as said in the title is 500-550 dollars, 550 being the absolute max I can spend.

So show me what you got! :D
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  1. Quote:
    Total (before mail-in rebates): $563.92
    Mail-in Rebates: $-30.00
    Total: $533.92
    should do you nicely

    EDIT: Do you need a monitor?

    Looks good. Will the i3 be capable of recording games though?
  2. Quote:
    yessir i have a 3220 like i had listed paired with a HD 7770 and it maxes out all the games you have listed at 1080 while i record with fraps :D

    p.s. i dont stream though so youll have to get someone with more experience there (if you plan on streaming), i dont know how taxing that is on a computer but i imagine it wouldnt matter

    Sweet. Thanks man!

    and I'm pretty sure streaming is more about your internet's download/upload speed than cpu power, but don't quote me on that
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