Can I use this 23' touchscreen for me $500 BF3 Ultra Gaming Rig?

This is the build:

Can I use a

As the screen? I am going to do this:

Rip out its HDD and then use the system for its screen, can I do that? I don't know if I can just plug in the cable and be ready, because I have a cable for it and yeah.. how would I do that without the OS? It has no video card, so?
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  1. It has an HDMI (input only) so you should be able to hook anything you want up to it. I don't know if the touchscreen functionality is maintained on the second PC. I doubt it.
    You can buy a 23 inch touchscreen for $350, which would be cheaper than buying the all in one.
    I wouldn't rip the hard drive out of it. It makes no sense.
  2. you actually can use that system just for its screen, which isn't usually the case.

    under tech specs you can see it has a hdmi input
    "HDMI - input only - connects to the HDMI output connector on your video device such as Blu-ray player, camcorder, or gaming device."

    edit: as mentioned above, the touchscreen capabilities would no longer function when used like this
  3. Wait, I`m not gonna "rip" it out, but just use it, I already have this but I`m using this build:

    With it and I`m taking the i3+1TB HDD out of the touchscreen PC, can I still just hook it up?
  4. the port is there. it *should* work. without having my hands on the system, i cant say for sure it will or not. i would bet money it does though.
  5. Okay, good because the 2320 (this PC the 23') will have no CPU or HDD, so hopefully I can just the sexy screen :D
  6. There may not be any functionality as a screen unless you have the proc and hdd in the box. Meaning, the device may not turn on at all without the internal system working. Does it have a function where you can switch the input from the PC that is integrated to the HDMI? Does it even turn on when there isn't a processor installed?
    I'd remove the hdd, or better the processor, and see if you can still plug a DVD player into the screen and get sound and video to run on it. It depends on how the manufacturer set up the box. If a DVD/Blu-ray player can be hooked up to it via HDMI when no HDD/proc is present then a PC with a DVI/HDMI output will work too.
  7. It has a VGA thingy on the back, but I can't find HDMI, I might be there and I just can't find it, but I see a VGA for sure.
  8. ok... well find it! I can't do it for you...
  9. No no no... I see exactly what you want to do and this is not the right way to do it. Just buy a touch screen monitor, not an all in one computer... You will need VGA/DVI/HDMI to carry the picture and USB to carry the touch input.
  10. Omg nobody sees what I want to do, I already that the touchscreen PC, I`m buying a new rig minus the HDD+i3, and screen, all of which I have on this pc, see what I mean now? I`ll be connection a PC to this, except its gonna be empty on the inside, I`m wondering if it will still work.
  11. I would bet that it won't work with no "guts" inside of it. Imagine a laptop, would you be able to run the screen with no motherboard?
  12. Seriously... I'd just spend $120 on a 22 inch 1080P monitor and leave the other system intact. If you wanted to borrow the PROC/HDD from the all-in-one fine. You could replace the i3 with a cheap $40 celeron processor and a $40 60 Gb SSD in it and it would run fine.
  13. Or.. I can save myself all the money and just ask if I can do this, or try it myself instead of people asking me to buy another rig.
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