Hd 6450 + my psu = boom?

hey all i was bout to get a hd 4650 but changed to hd 6450

this is my PSU about 2-3 years old

i hope it does not burns my whole rig please dont tell to buy a better card i am saving for a whole new i7 rig
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  1. get a true power 500w and up look on amazon i use OCZ but with that card idk be careful ur using a urber low psu
  2. The Radeon HD 6450 is only a 27 Watt card and doesn't require any PCI Express power connectors.

    Your current 365 Watt power supply should have absolutely no problem powering your system with that graphics card.
  3. You will be fine, dont sweat it.
  4. Pftthahaha take it easy brah that PSU can run the HD6450 with no problems. I'd get the HD6570 if i was you. Better performance for almost the same power consumption :D
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