Changing laptop CPU Need quick answer!

Hi my cousin has Toshiba satellite p200-199 with processor intel pentium t2130

So offered him my several CPU's and he chose Intel Celeron 560 2,13ghz and Intel Core 2 Duo 2.50ghz

And the question is can I put them into his laptop?
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  1. are they the same socket? if they are possibly and with difficulty. It might be soldered cpu.
  2. i found out that 2.50 ghz cpu has other socket so we have to chose 2.13ghz but is it healthy to do this?
  3. if it gives out more heat the thermal solution may not cope, and like I said it may be soldered onto the board, or it may be locked in bios.
  4. There is also the chance that the Motherboards Bios doesn't support a wide range of CPUs. Honestly just get a new laptop.
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