Best GTX 670 on the market? Please Help!

Hi, I'm going to be replacing my buzzing MSI Stock 670 with a better version of the card but I'm having trouble picking the best one. Now, I'm basically looking for a card that is quiet, cool and performs well. I've done some research and supposedly this is the best all round card:

it does look like a beast and from reviews its cooling, performance and acoustics are all really good. Can someone confirm this? Or recommend an even better 670.

I'm really just looking for one that doesn't buzz like my current MSI card.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hi

    All I can add is that I've read great things about the Gigabyte card aswell.

    It would be my choice.
  2. I would get the Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP over that Gigabyte card any day of the week.
  3. regina_49 said:
    I would get the Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP over that Gigabyte card any day of the week.

    I've heard good things about that card too. Could you give some better advantages over the Gigabyte card?
  4. TechPowerUp rates the Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP 10.0 the first card ever to receive a perfect 10 Quote: Yes, you've seen correctly, the ASUS GeForce GTX 670 Direct CU II TOP is the first graphics card ever that I gave a perfect ten score. The stock GeForce GTX 670 provides already great performance, but ASUS has topped that by boosting it with a large overclock out of the box which catapults it beyond GTX 680 performance levels. Averaged over all our testing we see the card 1% faster than GTX 680 and 8% faster than GTX 670. The card does so without massive power consumption increase thanks to an efficient VRM design and low temperatures. ASUS has done away with NVIDIA's cheap voltage regulation circuitry and put a much better CHiL controller on the card, which also supports voltage control and monitoring.
    The ASUS DC II cooler is a revelation on the GTX 670, it provides incredibly low noise levels. In both idle and load the card emits almost no noise, it is actually quieter under full load than most other cards on the market are at idle. Not only noise is low but temperatures are great, too. With only 74°C under load the card is cooler than most other GTX 670 cards tested today.
    Manual overclocking works well too, especially memory, which is not overclocked out of the box, performs exceedingly well. We see well over 100 MHz extra memory overclocking potential compared to the NVIDIA reference design, thanks to the revamped PCB design. In the end the card reaches 1890 MHz memory, which is just 5 MHz shy of the highest memory clock ever recorded in a TPU review.
    Overall the ASUS GTX 670 Direct CU II is the best card I ever tested. I simply can't find anything wrong with it. ASUS has sucessfully addressed all the shortcomings of NVIDIA's reference design, yet asks only a moderate $20 price premium for their card. This means that you can get faster than GTX 680 performance at $420. And the card manages all that with a dual slot cooler, that just screams "put me in SLI". Source:
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