I7 3820 or i7 3770k


I'm currently building a new gaming/cad pc.
so far, the build looks like this:

gpu: vapor-x sapphire radeon hd 7970
cpu: i7 3820 (socket 2011, + Coolink Corator DS)
16 gb corsair (ddr3-1600, 4x4gb)
p9x79 asus motherboard
Kiss Quiet KS-1050W
antec sonata
240GB OCZ Agility 3 2.5" ssd

but i cannot decide between this build, or the same with a i7 3770k with a Intel DZ77GA-70K, which will cost me about the same.
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  1. 3770K is faster.
  2. Both are overkill if you aren't going to be video rendering.
  3. ^^^ Agreed.
  4. hehe, i was considering the 3930k for a while, but then i decided to go for the vapor-x gpu instead of a gtx 660 ti.
    I think i'm going for the 3820, i know the 3770k is faster, but i like to keep the option open to upgrade to 6 or 8 cores if needed.
    also a 7970 - 3950 crossfire setup if i turn out to need it.
    I'm studying architecture, so i need a lot of rendering power.
    convinced, for now, i'm going for the x79 chipset, i can't decide on the motherboard, any suggestions?
    so far the ASRock X79 Extreme4 and the asus p9x79 look interesting.
  5. why the Intel motherboard.?
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