So I spilled half a Guinness on my brand new build...

I recently spilled about six ounces of beer on my most recent build (I have an Antec 300 case, so it went straight inside the chassis due to the 140mm fan slot on top). It didn't spark, shut down, or otherwise malfunction immediately - so I shut everything off and unplugged it immediately after this happened. I left a fan blowing on the computer's innards all night, and it seems to have dried out just fine - but there's a nice brown beer-gum caking certain parts of the motherboard, the back of my video card's PCB, and various other components.

This is probably a rather bizarre question to ask, but is there really any effective, efficient way to clean this gunk off? Initially I'd thought that I'd just purchase some high alcohol content isopropyl and Q-tips to scrub off as much as I could...?

Thanks for any help/tips you can provide!
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  1. Does the computer work? You might be alright trying the alcohol.
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