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HD 7750 normal temperature

hi all

i just got a HD 7750. HWmonitor shows thats the temp of it @ 41c to 50c when i just do net surfing, and when i watch HD videos, i will become 61c, is it ok for the graphic?

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  1. Hello

    Your GPU's temperatures are very slightly warm for idle, are you running more than one monitor?

    And what are your load temperatures like (I.E when gaming)?
  2. I only run on one of my monitors everytime, and i dont game
  3. ErikaT said:
    I only run on one of my monitors everytime, and i dont game

    Ok well then your maximum temps will be when watching video's, and at 61C your card is perfectly safe and normal.

    Your idle temps are very slightly warm but certainly nothing to worry about.

  4. it may because my casing is too small (is a mid tower) and the PSU has too many cables dangling around

    thanks for the quick replies
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    Yeah that's certainly true, improving your cable management will help reduce temps and so would a large well ventilated case, but like I said your temps really aren't anything to worry about.
  6. I have a asus HD 7750 it has a better cooler than the AMD model but mines running at 50c while i'm just on youtube/downloading stuff. It was 30C like 10 minutes after startup.

    My computer is prebuilt so the cable management is good but it's also a fairly small case and i have no fans besides the one on my CPU heatsink and video card.
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