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Hi community,
I built my computer yesterday and got it up and running fine. I have a gtx 670 installed. I just wanted to check what idle and load temps you guys are getting. My idle temp is at 41 degrees and my load temp goes to about 64 to 65 and automatically shuts off, but the cpu and all the components keep running. Is this normal? Obviously not, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Also is their any way I can increase the load temp above 65 without the screen going black?


GTX 670
i5 3570k
Ripjaws 8gb ram
asrock z77 extreme 4 mobo
TX750 psu
WD 1tb hdd
SSD 120gb OCZ

Please I really need help diagnosing this problem. My initial thoughts are that my room temps are way too hot. Plus I only have two fans installed in my case, which is a antec three hundred two. And those two fans are the ones that came with the case.

My other diagnose would be that the card is overheating and is a defect in itself.

EDIT, whenever I play a game, such as Blacklight Retribution it shuts off and gives a message saying that the kernel mode is disabled. After further investigation I found out that it has to do with GPU's temp.
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  1. 65°C is not hot for a GPU so it is not thermal issue that is shutting it off. Looks like you might have gotten a faulty card.
  2. rolli59, Can you say for sure that this might be due to the faulty card and not the temp? And is the ldle temp 45 degrees ok? Thanks.
  3. it seems cool to me.
  4. Maximum GPU temp is 97°C
    If everything else is fine it looks like the card is bad.
  5. rolli59 said:
    Maximum GPU temp is 97°C
    If everything else is fine it looks like the card is bad.

    I am getting a replacement next week. Hopefully that card isn't defective. Thanks.
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