Good system for office

I want to build couple of good systems for office use. Budget up to $600 each (better if less)
Requirements One of them needs to run Photo Shop well.
2 monitor support
No gaming

I'm thinking to simplify it and use max amount towards best build, maybe:

reuse cases from current dells/hps,
micro atx mobo, with onboard dual video outputs
1 machine 16GB of ram for Photoshop,
the other 8 Gb,
on board raid for backup purposes
Intel i7 cpu for best multithreading
SSD III drive
550W PSU
Win7 64 bit enterprise?
Generic DVD recorder/player (BluRay reader useless, right?)
This thing gotta fly versus generic store bought premade garbage.

What are your thoughts?
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  1. I wouldn't reuse cases - they've likely got bad cooling, and a lot of low-end desktops have proprietary mounting systems for their motherboards, because everything is made to the manufacturer's specs.

    I think that everything looks good for you - the only thing I'd do is use a Trinity APU. It'll cut down on your costs and give you the perfect amount of power for what you want. Multithreading / multicores isn't much of an issue, Trinity should serve you fine... it'll be a LOT cheaper, and you also won't have to buy a graphics card for better photoshop / rendering / editing.
  2. I agree about propriatery mounting for motherboards, that's why it's only "if" I can reuse it. I don't think I worry much about cooling aren't todays cpus way cooler than say P4? Plus zero gaming, it should be getting to sweaty in there, no?
  3. No one's willing to throw some candidates for a good build?
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