CPU temp issues on Intel Quad 2 Core Q8300.

So before I start I want to say that I know my processor is archaic, I know the best 'option' is to upgrade, but that's not available at that time. I'm not asking for that kind of input, just suggestions.

Okay, so recently the fan on my CPU has been incredibly loud whilst gaming, I've been playing graphically intensive games like TERA, but in the past I've been able to play these games well. The CPU also failed after trying to stream, though I've been able to do that in the past too. This problem has been going on for a while, the fan used to buzz quietly until I reinstalled my GPU and tried to play games, but the fan is definitely buzzing. It's definitely coming from the fan.

So I've ordered an Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 which is apparently compatible with my CPU and was cheap on Amazon, and I'm wondering if this was the best course of action. I'd just like some opinions and to know if that was the right thing to do, the CPU is at stock clocks and everything, so I'm really hoping this'll help cool it down and reduce the noise and buzz. I've had this CPU for 3 years, so it seems to be at the end of it's term.

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  1. Quote:
    I've had this CPU for 3 years, so it seems to be at the end of it's term.
    If not overclocked and cooled properly, it will last way over 10 years. The Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 is fine for your requirements.
  2. Monitor temperatures and get back to us
  3. haider95 said:
    Monitor temperatures and get back to us

    Hi, thanks to both of you.

    So I've performed some more tests and I really think that this is a fan issue. When I'm browsing the internet and on Skype or whatever, you know, casually browsing with a lot of background programs at like a 10-20% load, my fan will be audible and just below 2000rpm, temperatures will be at around 30-5/40-5c across all cores.

    I decided I'd run TERA again and see what kind of temperatures and fan speeds would occur. With those same programs continuing to run, I'll reach a load of like 70-80% on my cpu, and the temperatures will reach around 60c or so on my cpu across all cores, with some difference in numbers between. The fan speed goes way over 4000rpm however, and this is probably the root of my issue with noise and cooling, in my opinion.


    Alright, so recently I've had to use my TV instead of my traditional monitor, and I've been connected via HDMI. I don't know if this produces additional strain on the CPU but from my understanding it's mostly handled by the GPU.
  4. Using your TV doesn't make a difference. The new HSF should keep the CPU cool enough without generating a lot of fan noise. Prime95 "Torture Test" is a good way to test the CPU at 100% utilization.
  5. Yeah, nothing a little re-application of thermal paste can't fix. Besides, you're getting a new cooler! Stock ones are crap anyways. After these 2 things i've mentioned up there your CPU will be the cool guy it once was. Also, using your t.v? doesn't that mean higher resolution and faster refresh rates? and doesn't that mean more stress on the gpu?
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