Gtx 690 low fps ?

I have gtx 690 gpu and yet ridiculously low fps, now in all fairness I haven't tried to play a different game than team fortress 2 which is the game I'm playing now but I know you can get stable 100+ fps with gtx 570 I however go as low as 40 fps(its usually just goes down to 70 and it is really easy for my fps to hit 70 like every 20 seconds ill see 70) which is lower than my previous gpu, gtx 260 got and here are my specs

Intel i7 2600k
Asus P8Z68-V series motherboard
8 gb rams

My OS is windows 7 64 bit

And my monitor is this I'm not sure how relevant it is but;
BenQ XL2420TX 24" 3D LED LCD Monitor 16:9 2 ms Adjustable Display Angle DVI HDMI

On nvidia's control panel it says HDCP is campatible with the monitor and I run my monitor at 120 hertz again I'm not sure if its relevant but It cant hurt to mention right ?

My cpu usage during the game is around %18 and ram usage is %30 my system is not overheating my GPU temp is around 45 °C

Now my first thought was my PSU wasn't producing enough power which was a 750 watts corsair but I went a head and bought Thermaltake Toughpower 1350watts and It still is the same now I'm thinking there is something wrong with my board because I am having problems with my usb ports as well

My computer runs at performance mode I also tried running my gpu at performance mode as well as default and a lot of modes(by modes in between I mean I messed around with the settings a lot) in between

I have 3 tb of hdd which is also new and its almost empty I have tf2, few movies, few tools but thats pretty much it, yet to be sure I have downloaded Kaspersky anti virus and scanned my computer, it detected no threats and I'm just about out of ideas soo HELP ?
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  1. I would check the GPU usage whilst in game with MSI Afterburners OSD options, I suspect that if the temperature of your card is 45C when playing TF2 then the GPU(s) aren't being utilized as they should.
  2. Well I just checked the temperature of the gpu while posting this and I was in the game for 3 minutes still there were fps drops I don't know what's the temperature when I play for an hour, but I did download the MSI afterburner and well, I really am not sure what to do with it I haven't tried to overclock anything before and I know you can burn your hardware trying to OC which is actually one of the reasons I bought this so I wouldn't have to OC but here is what it says on the general tab

    I also ran a stress test and it came out like this I think all of the load is on the one GPU but even that should be enough shouldn't it ?

  3. UP
  4. here are the new update of gtx 690 i hope it will helpful
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