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Need help setting up my home network


I have a network that is fully operational at home, but I need to be able to share files and access the printer through all of them. Here is the Network Configuration:

Internet->Modem->Router(WRT54G)->Main Computer (Wired) - Windows 7 Ultimate

Then the following devices are connected wirelessly to my router:
MacBook Pro - OSX (10.5.8)
HP Laptop - Windows XP
Desktop Computer with a Netsis USB adapter - Windows 7 Ultimate

My current printer is a Canon MP240 and it is hooked through USB to my Main Computer.

To be clear, I want to be able to share files through the computers, or access remotely to files located on any computer on the network. I also want the printer to appear in the printing menu on any computer. Any help would be appreciated.

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    In windows start the File and printer sharing wizard when all the PCs are connected to the router.
    Remember to Share the Printer.
    Then get to each connected device and and either maps the shared resources through it or use it's wizard to search for shared resources on the LAN.
    The only problem is going to be the connection to the net, if any of these devices is not securely configured within the LAN then the resources are going to be open to people who join the network either over the air or via the internet.
    Be sure to enable firewalls and be sure to dedicate required ports within the firewall for LAN connections and sharing of resources.
    It's not as difficult as it sounds but takes a little time and patience.
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