Is Sandy Bridge still worth it?

I was wondering whether the older generation line of Core i processors from Intel - Sandy Bridge are still relevant. My opinion is that it's still worth it. What about you guys?
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  1. only if

    a) it's the only intel CPU in stock
    b) the shops where you're from are selling Ivy Bridge at a ridiculous price over Sandy.
  2. depends on the price. if you can get it for a discount, yes. but most pricing i see the ivy bridge chips are so close that i would just go for the new tech.
  3. yes and no.
    if you can get the sandy bridge for a lower price then a ivy bridge then yes (but only if there is an big gap between the sany an ivy bridge not like a 10$ gap)
    no, sandy bridge is older and proforms a bit less then ivy bridge so if there is almost no difference in price go ivy
  4. Well, I myself use an i5 3570K.
  5. well, ok.
  6. :D
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