Is this a decent build?

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  1. 1) The TX3 is good, but the Hyper 212 EVO is a few bucks more.
    2) Get 1600 RAM. Probably the same price.
    3) The 650 Ti is OK, but the 7850 is $20 more, and faster by a good margin.
    4) Get a different PSU brand.
    5) Wait for Piledriver. It might turn out to be good, and the FX-4350 will be $130.
  2. switch caviar black with seagate barracuda not much of a difference between them

    switch PSU with a PC power and cooler 500W supply
  3. Seagate's gotten a lot of hate ever since the 7200.11 hard drive plague, and WD Caviar Blacks have less failure rates.

    The price difference between the two is mostly due to the warranty. WD has 5 years and Seagate has 3. HDDs are one of the things you can't easily replace and would most likely want to take with you when you upgrade, so a longer warranty would be beneficial.

    Though yes, when it comes to performance I believe they are right on par. And WD is starting to annoy me with their prices. They used to be just the same as the Barracuda's, then it became $10 more, and now the're $20 more expensive.
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