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]Hey guys! Well, i'm planning to do put a new rig together, however, i'm really worried about buying things and then ending up completely regretting it.

I pretty much want to upgrade everything, except for my Graphic card (260 gtx - i'll wait till Christmas before upgrading)

So my plans so far, i'm not sure about the mainboards. I've only had Asus mainboards so far and i am very satisfied. However, i'll only be purchasing my stuff from (don't ask why)

Although overclocking is not my main goal at the moment, i do want a board with with which i can overclock my cpu in the future. Whether i should go for 2 x 16 pci-e slots, i am really not sure about that - tending to no.

My suggestions would have been:
PSU - The one i have right now is an Enermax 87 pro - does it need a replacement? if so which one please (i wanna save on the psu if possible -> list here

CPU: 3.40ghz 3570k i5

Unless someone can give me a good reason to go for an i7 (my primary goal is gaming but from what i've read so far an i7 won't make any world differences in terms of gaming)

more cpus to choose from here: (of course, only if someone suggests otherwise)

Then i want new ram sticks, would 16 gb be a bit of an over kill? I do want to future proof this new rig

I'm not sure whether to go for Corsair vengance black or the kingston hyper x blu, what would you guys suggest (difference being about 10 euros)

Now finally, the one that i can't get out of my mind, the mainboard!
Honestly, i've had mainly only Asus mainboards throughout my life - i must say they've got my respect and i would love to get another one, it's just that i noticed they are a bit more expensive? Never the less, if the mainboard below is worth it i wouldn't think twice, but i'm here to ask the experienced.

So i was thinking about this: ASUS P8Z77-V LX, Z77 (dual PC3-12800U DDR3) (90-MIBHT0-G0EAY0VZ)

there are more mainboards here
i was thinking about the gigabyte: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H, Z77 (dual PC3-12800U DDR3)

What do you guys think so far? With all those added up it's around 550 euros.

I'm willing to lash out around 550 euros for now, these stuff added together - along with a new screen that i'm planning to buy would set the price at around 528 euros (if i'm not mistaken)

The screen: I'm just going to decide between two, one being an Acer

and the other being an Asus , both similarly priced

Now screens i'm even less experienced than with mainboards - haha! I thank you guys in advance. Already excited to see what you guys have to say :-)

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  3. Your current PSU should be enough.

    Get this for RAM:
    16GB is overkill for gaming, get low profile so it doesn't bump into heatsinks.

    There is little difference quality wise between ASUS and Gigabyte IMO, and Tom's gave the GA-Z77X-D3H a recommended award recently. Main thing against the -LX is you can't SLI and CF goes over a PCIe2.0 x4 slot, which could cripple a fast card.
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