HIS iCooler 7750 vs MSI RV 7750 OC

msi version has 2 fan where his has something called icooler solution to cool the card.msi versiom is factory overclocked to 830MHz(just 30MHz higher).i heard that afterburner is so good.i will be trying to overclock it to 900mhz-960mhz.so which will be good.in internet people r saying that HIS iturbo can overclock the his 7750 upto 960mhz at stable condition.but noone can compete with msi afterburner.so if i go with msi,can i overclock it to atleast 920Mhz at stable condition.donot suggest gigabyte gv 7750-880mhz as i heard poor reviews and the gigabyte version supports open gl 4.1 instead of 4.2
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  1. Chances are you can chances are you cant! It is based on individual cards.
  2. :pfff: tell me the exact answer.msi or his
  3. shuvamgamer said:
    :pfff: tell me the exact answer.msi or his

    There is no exact answer, its a case of suck it and see.
  4. Agreed both are recognized brands, I personally would choose between them on price.
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