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Which router for high range

i was wondering what is a good router with high signal range? i will be using this for repeater mode.i have ddwrt on my asus WL-520gU and tried to use it as repeater mode but it seems i need to set another router near the att modem to gain more signal range? i'm trying to expand to the backyard area which is about 100-150 feet.right behind the barn.not looking to spend soemthing expensive like $100 lol
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  1. Did you try increasing the xmit power on the wireless repeater, at least a little, to see if you could get more range?
  2. no i havent but even from the htc hero(using wifi) the phone connects just barely(1bar) when i am about 40-50 feet from the att modem.the asus doesnt even connect at the same range i have the phone,u think i should put a new router on repeater mode about 20-30 feet from the att modem and just connect another repeater from there?
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    You may still need the repeater for long range issues, but given the ultra short range you have now, I’d be concerned there’s something else going on there (interference, bad placement, etc.) and which should be addressed first.

    You might try using a parabolic antenna. Ppl usually place their routers in locations based on convenience, typically near a coax/phone port. But that isn’t ideal from a technical perspective. It should be centrally located since the antenna is omni-directional. And it’s better to elevate it (maybe 3-4 ft).

    If you must keep it in a corner of the house, consider using a directional antenna to drive the signal where you want/need it most. Placing an omni-directional antenna in a corner radiates much of the signal in useless directions. You can even find cheap, home-made mods to help solve the problem ( ).
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