660 ti sli vs 670 vs 680?

I have about 1k I'm going to spend on a build next week, and am enthused about the new 660ti. With my 1k, I am going to get a Cooler Master Cosmos 2 case, a Phanteks cpu cooler, and some kind of video card (600 series).

I'll have enough for either two 660ti's in sli, or a 680 gb. The 680 I'd get would be MSI's overclocked 4gb model (future proofing), but am contemplating potential better frames with the 660's. I've seen where the 660's outperform a single 680, but some minimum frame rates are below that of the single 680 (memory limitations?).

680 pros - more powerful single card, no driver headaches, works better on games where sli doesn't come into play well. 4gb of memory (unnecessary now @ 1080, but nice for future). I could sli this down the road as well. Potentially higher minimum frames without 192 bit memory bus.

660 pros - more potential power, cheap to add third card down the road.

I could also get a 670 and spend the rest of my budget on some neat fans, ram, etc. Which is another consideration. Overall, I want low noise, great performance, and great cooling, in that order. What do you guys think? What would you do? :bounce:
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  1. I think 4GB Kepler cards are a total waste of money... even triple 1600p screens don't come close to using 4GB vram right now.

    I would get a single 680 2GB if you're set on Nvidia. If we're talking "future-proof", I'm not a fan of the crippled memory bus on the 660ti -- especially for SLI.
  2. i think a decent 670 or a 7970 would be enough and in most games even an overkill.
    Imo the 660ti sli wont be anything great cause of the low bit bus and I personally dont approve sli/xfire at all cause of the issues it can cause (stuttering, which is horrible for my eyes).

    Id suggest going with a msi pe 670 or a hd 7970 and overclock it or get a 7970ghz edition :)

    Have fun! :)
  3. I got the Gigabyte 670 and it boost to 1189 and i get well over 100FPS on battlefield 3 on medium and 89 to 90 FPS maxed out. and plenty room to overclock.. Also if you are running only 1920x1080 its a wast to crossfire or SLI. And def only a 660ti if you cant afford anything more. SLI and Crossfire is a not worth it. The Gigabyte is at stock 670 price. But you get a very nice overclock card with a full 680 PCB board and a 8 pin for that moment for extra voltage. And the 3 fans keep is super cool and very quiet.
  4. msi gtx680 lightning or the msi gtx 670 power ed (non OC) just overclock it your self saves you a few dollars. then buy some more fans and other bling bling
  5. a 1k build with a 300+$ case and a 600 series GPU.. id say impossible.

    Well, mabey with the recent price drops. The cheapest 670 is the Gigabyte 670 you can get 10% off bringing it to 360$, or the Sapphire 7970 for 380.
    In my build I went with WD Black, but in my opinion from the research I've done, WD is hardley better. Save 30$ and get a Seagate.
    About the 670 vs 7970, I've heard AMD's new drivers allowed the 7970's increase in preformance. For you its a agood thing, but some people were upset that it took 6 months for AMD to get great drivers out.

    Before, (ive done a hell of alot of research before i chose mine) they were trading blows, and in many nividia friendly games the 670 won by alot (15+ frames). Although on paper, the 7970 looks much better with more VRAM, Memory bit etc. It does not translate into preformance.
    Back when the 7970's were in the 450-500 range and the 670's in the 400-450 range. the 670 was clearly a better buy. With the margin so close and AMD's new drivers, you may want to reconsider.
    Personally I've fallen in love with Nividia and I feel like what they offer for gaming is better (features etc.)

    Altough keep in mind unless you have a 120hz monitor, you will not get use from your card being able to put out 60+ frames. So I wouldn't worry about pure fps alone, look at the features they offer (AA, Eyefinity, Physx etc)
  6. Also, something you probably want to do down the line, i know i want to now. Get a H100 or H80, you wont like to see a giant cpu cooler when you look into your case.



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