Would a 600w PSU be okay with a gtx 660 ti?

i am hoping to buy a gtx 660 ti it looks great! but i have Corsair 600w builder series PSU


Would you say this is enough?? i also have a intel core i5 3470 (i didnt get the 3570k because the 3470 with the promo was $45 cheaper and that is what determines me getting the gtx 660 ti) but would you say this could max out arma 2 and maybe arma 3 when it comes out?? but my main question is will my PSU be enough?? thanks!
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  1. Hello

    Yes your PSU is enough for a GTX660Ti (Plus the rest of your system)

    Sorry cn't answer your ARMA 2/3 question as I don't have any experience with that game.
  2. You could run TWO GTX660ti with that psu if your not overclocking.

    Sorry I know nothing about Arma II/III.
  3. You should be able to run Arma 2 at 1080p resolution at pretty much max setting at 30+ fps pretty easily with that set up.
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