Nvidia 680 or 7970; which is the better option for me?

Hello everyone, just need to ask a quick question here about which one will be better for my current setup. I have a HIS radeon 7850 at the moment but over the last 2 months it has gave me some trouble with underperforming, random FPS drops, squealing sounds etc, so i'm looking to RMA or buy a new card outright around christmas as i've got a bigger budget for my graphics now.

My current setup is:
Intel i7 2600k 3.4ghz (stock clocks, not planning on OC'ing)
650w PSU
1920x1080 monitor
2TB harddrive
2GB HIS 7850

So which one is the better option for the slight upgrade? Will my current setup bottleneck either in any way? enough power from the PSU? thanks for any advice given.

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  1. Both will work fine and they are so close in performance that I would choose on price between the GTX680 and the HD7970 GHz edition.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Both will work fine and they are so close in performance that I would choose on price between the GTX680 and the HD7970 GHz edition.

    Thanks, I am leaning in Nvidia's direction more though as my last 2 cards have been radeons and both have had problems and terrible drivers :/
  3. BigMack70 said:
    If your card is making squealing sounds, you should RMA it.

    The GTX 680 is IMO a bad deal right now with the 7970 GHz edition sitting around $440 and the GTX 670 at $390-400.

    I'd just pick one of those up.
    670 advantages:
    -Lower power/noise if you're a nut about either of those categories, though the 7970GE is not bad on these counts
    -Will match or beat a 7970 GHz ed. in some games
    -Allows you to use PhysX without a performance hit in the few games that have it

    7970 GHz edition advantages:
    -About 10% faster overall than a stock 670, and 1-3% faster overall than a stock 680
    -In some games performs very well vs a 670/680

    If you're going to wait to Christmas for a new card, though, you'll have to make your decision based on pricing around the December timeframe, which is likely to be different than it is now.

    If you've had problems with your last couple Radeons, why not just pick up a decent 670? Sounds like that's the way to go for you. The 680 is fine too, it's just a bad value.

    I have been seeing better bang for your buck with the 7970 Ghz edition across the board, depending on december prices I may get it, though if the 680 drops in price at all i'll most likely get that, just for the fact that i've found Nvidia and it's drivers more reliable IMO. 670 is quite cheap, but that would be more of a sidegrade to the 7850, I want to futureproof myself for the next 2-4 years.

    Alright, so for either of them will my current default clocks on my i7 bottleneck them at all? I don't want any of that nasty microstutter you can get... and the 650w should be right for power?
  4. BigMack70 said:
    I don't think you'll be bottlenecked, and microstutter only really happens in multi-GPU setups (you would need to OC your CPU to run a pair of high end cards). 650W of power is more than enough for any single-graphics card setup.

    The 670 is still a significant upgrade from the 7850... you could get a nice custom one like the MSI Power Edition which is 63% faster than a stock 7850.

    Okay good, i'm not planning on going SLI or crossfire, as i'm sticking with a one monitor setup, so that's sorted. That 670 power edition does look very compelling, with equal performance to a stock 680 on that chart... I'll take a look into that, thanks for your help, answered all my questions :)
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