Random video corruption HD6700

Trying to figure out if the graphics card is going dead. It's not the monitor- hooked up to another computer it's fine.

It seems to be red pixels- just tiny little red dots across the screen, sometimes in swirly patterns. Maybe the connection? It goes from hdmi to dvi at the monitor and sometimes if I push the hdmi connector it seems to improve- sometimes. However, the display issue is pretty random. Right now it's working perfectly. Last night not so well. Maybe it's concerned that I'm about to replace it with a cheaper card and it's acting nice right now. Also, sometimes the screen randomly goes black for a second or two. Once it stayed black and I had to reset it. New build, updated drivers.

I'm not oc'ing and I don't (currently) play video games- just music recording stuff.

Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 mb
amd fx 8120
pc power and cooling 600watt psu
ssd hd patriot pyro
8 gb ram
win 7
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  1. Have you tried using another monitor with the card that's bad?
  2. I only have the one monitor. However, when I hook the monitor to the other computer the monitor displays perfectly.
  3. Are you able to just replace the card? The 6700's aren't very expensive.
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