Which Case to Get?

I am going to get a new home for my computer. I was looking for a mid or full tower case. I came down to these three cases:
NZXT Phantom 410
Rosewill THOR v2
Corsair Vengeance C70

I was wonder what was the overall best case, and if you have another case that is around the same price that has front panel USB 3.0 and is under 160$, I would like to hear any suggestions.
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  1. Hey in my personal choice I really like the Cooler Master HAF 912. I've built 3 computers with in the last 6 years mainly just as a hobby I build them for friends that need them and by far it is the best case I've ever used. I used the HAF 912 to replace my old HP cookie cutter case (I had to beat the damn thing with a hammer to get the CD burner out). This case has plenty of room its not made of cheap material and it only costs $60!. So you could have $100 to put into anything else you might want to add to your computer, like a new SSD or some more RAM.

    Now for the cons, you wont get that USB 3.0 you are looking for. As far as I am concerned this is the only con. I really love the case and have used it to build 2 computers and it has never let me down. I currently have a Gigabyte 7870 OC graphics card in it. The Graphics card fits in perfectly with no problems and its a hefty sized graphics card.
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