HI guys i have a problem with my cpu i have intel core i3 at 3.20Ghz i did a format and since then my core speed has been changing all the time starting from 1197 2100 2973 and sometimes 3.20 and its slower that it was open programs or games slower...and when i run a program named game booster the core speed stabilized again at 3.20 and all its fine but i want to fix this without having to run this program plz help this is my pc specifications file:///C:/Users/CHRISTOS/Desktop/CHRISTOS-PC.html plz help me out...
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  1. This is perfectly normal for modern CPUs. They have power management and boost features that will adjust the clocks depending on the load.
  2. Are you sure it's not just the speed step (power saving) technology that's built into the CPU? It's probably normal. If you did a reformat - have you reinstalled all the drivers? BTW that shouldn't affect the CPU.
  3. But that's okay. All it's doing is saving you energy consumption. When processing power is needed, it will return to ~3.2Ghz.
  4. i installed all the drivers ..but still ..
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