What graphic cards is my system compatible with?

here are my specs i would just like to know a few reasonably priced graphic cards my system is compatible with,
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  1. You're missing your computer case dimensions, power supply unit information and definition of reasonable price. Without those, I cannot really recommend anything, because:

    1. Your case might be too small to fit some cards.
    2. Your power supply may not be enough to power some cards.
    3. Each person has different definition of reasonable price, and since graphics cards cost anywhere from $25 to $1000, you really have to tell your budget.
  2. What's "reasonably priced" to you?

    What is your power supply make and model?

    What do you need the graphics card for?
  3. right sorry its for gaming, call of duty, counter strike, battlefield etc case is W-15,L-15,D-7

  4. So what's your budget? If it's below $200, I'd suggest HD 7750 as that's the most powerful card that will work with your power supply unit.

    If you got higher budget, I'd suggest upgrading both power supply unit and buying a graphics card.
  5. ASUS Radeon HD 5450 (1024 MB) will this work? as they are VERY cheap and im thinking about buying one would it work?
  6. It will work in your pc as in it will turn on. But it will not support games like battlefield for sure.
  7. oh is there any chance you could list for me any cards that you know that will work with my machine for $150 or less?
  8. but just to clarify that card will work with my system? and wouldnt it be able to run battlefield on low settings?
  9. Yeah it'll work, but it'll be terribly pathetic for gaming.

    You really don't have much choise, the HD7750 is the only decent graphics card you can run without upgrading your power supply.
  10. ok thanks
  11. I already gave you the best option if your budget is below $200 :). Check few posts above.
  12. PCI EXPRESS Gigabyte Radeon HD 5450 (1024 MB) (GV-R545SC1GI) Graphics Card

    will this card work? thanks
  13. Dude, HD 5450 will not play games, we have already told you that.
  14. but friends i see a 305w psu and that is too low to hold entire pc running, dont you think?

    so you need a new psu as well maybe 500-600w for future proofing

  15. ^
    No that's not the truth. It will handle HD 7750 easily.
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