Just discovered front Fan not working in my new system

I purchased a bundle from TigerDirect a few weeks ago. I've been running it for a couple weeks now with some minor hicups (user error mostly).
I thought the system could use a little more light so I purchased some blue, cold cathode lights a couple days ago but have not attempted to install.
For some reason today, I removed the front cover while the system was running and discovered an issue:
* The front fan (which is LED lit) was not working... no lights no fan!! :fou:

Here's a link to the case:
(when I saw that is when I realized the front fan was lighted)

I suspected a connection had come lose so I removed the side panel and examined the connection. Connection was good. Moved the connection to a different molex connector, still no luck. Used my multimeter to check for power. 5 volts there. Checked the continuity of a small adapter cable for the front fan (came with the case), that checked out good.
Can't think of anything else to try and I sure don't want to have to dissemble the system just because of a bad front fan.
Any ideas??
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  1. Just finished a chat session with Tigerdirect...
    They want me to send the case back and they will exchange it. That's not going to happen... I'm not taking everything apart just to get a new case with a working front fan. That's crazy. I guess I'll bite the bullet and just buy a new fan and go from there. Disappointed in this resolution.
  2. Bought a new fan at the local Fry's. Installed it and it worked nicely.
    While I had the original fan out of the case and sitting around I thought I'd investigate why it wasn't working. The fan had a 3 pin plug attached to a 3 pin to molex connector. I unplugged the 3 pin to molex adapter cable and then temporarily flipped it over (it won't plug in that way but I could temporarily touch the pins on the connector for momentary contact). Turns out the Red-Black wires must have been reversed at some point because the fan and leds work when I swap these 2 connections. I dissembled the 2 pins on the molex connector and reinstalled them in the reverse order. Fan and Leds work. I reinstalled this original fan and will be making a trip back to Frys to return the new fan. Of course I had to mount the fan backwards in order to have this front case fan actually blow air into the case. From what I read here the front fan should blow are in and the rear fan and power supply will be blowing air out the back.
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