Best GPU to go for?

Hey there, just wanted some advice n whihc GPU to get :)

My options are...

HD 6870 for £120
GTX 560 £107
HD 7770 £93

Which is the most cost effective?

Will be running at 1920x1080, i5 2500k

Thanks! :)
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  1. According to this, the 7770 and 6870 are equally cost effective based on those prices. The 560 isn't on there but I think it performs around a 460 and is probably slightly worse in terms of value.

    I'd probably get the 6870.

  2. GTX560 or 560ti or 560se or 560 448 core?
  3. Hmmm... so actually the GTX 560 is closer to the 6870 and is the best value of those cards:
  4. What PSU do you have (brand and model, not just wattage)? The HD7770 sips power compared to the others, but it is also the weakest one.
    Assuming your PSU can handle it, of those I'd try to get the HD6870. It is the most expensive one, but should allow higher settings than either of the others.
  5. Good charts, but it may depend on the games. OP, check the specific [types of] games you play to see if they strongly favor nVidia or ATI.
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