Cheap Gaming desktop under $500

I am wanting to build a pc to play dota 2,league of legends,Bf3 and black ops 2 when it comes out,i would like to at least play these games on high to ultra setting.i don't if it goes over by 30 dollars.

I am going to buy all my parts from

This is what i have put together
Intel core 3-2120 $118
ASUS P8H61 $49
Kingston kvr 8gb 4x2 $39
Ocz Octane 128gb $60
Gigabyte gtx 560 1gb $159
Thermaltake V3 Case with psu $69
Lg optical drive $19
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  1. A couple of suggestions: Thermaltake PSUs are kind of crappy, get one from a better brand.
    OCZ Octane is several generations old; I would suggest a Samsung SSD 830 or OCZ Vertex 4.
    Find some better RAM such as this: Only $4 more, and way better.
    GTX560 is a generation old and uses much more power (and thus makes more heat) than a newer card, eg HD7850.
  2. You want highest setting you need a higher GPU, ditch the SSD and plough that cash in to graphics. An SSD is the cherry on the icing.... first ice your cake, the SSD will not let you run BF3 at higher settings but using the money to get a GPU a few steps higher will.
  3. I think i will replacethe case and psu with antec stuff because i heard there psu are good nd for case
    And the ssd i think ill go for hhd seagate 500gb only because there is fair bit of storage on it
  4. Would the 7770 be better then gtx 560 ti
    Would the 7770 make less heat And run most games at medium setting to high?
  5. Get the highest ranked GPU you can afford on this chart,review-32521-7.html

    Settings depend on resolution taking BF3 as an example the 560ti will do fine at 1920X1080 (1080p) at medium settings and is playable (depending on how you define playable) at high.

    If you use a lower resolution obviously you can use higher settings but things wont look as good as at higher res.
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