Will I need an aftermarket cooler?

Hey guys.

So I'm getting dangerously close to completing my build (only need MoBo and CPU). I was wondering, however, will I need an aftermarket cooler for my i5-3570k? I had initially planned on the 3470 with stock cooler, but Micro Center has a deal going for the 3570k + ASRock Z77 Extreme4 combo. If I don't plan to overclock initially, should I still buy an aftermarket cooler? I'm using the Thermaltake Overseer case with two 200mm fans (one up front, one on top), and one 120mm fan at the back. This was in attempts to move the most amount of air through the case.

I'd like to have temps in the mid-60's at full load?
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  1. I'd get an aftermarket cooler, you'll have one when you'll want to overclock the cpu.
    There's the xigmatek gaia in newegg for just 20$, it's an effective cooler and a quiet one.
  2. you don't need one if you're not overclocking. you can always add one at a later date.
  3. Yes, you should buy an aftermarket cooler up front.
    At full load, you won't see 60c with the stock cooler, and it will be noisy.
    An inexpensive $30 one like the cm hyper212 or xigmatek will do well for any reasonable oc.
    In the mean time, It will be easier to install, run quieter and cool better than the stock intel cooler.

    I really hate to tear down a working production pc after I built it. Many things can go wrong. Better to do it up front.
  4. In general it seems like a low-cost investment. The only thing that worries me is the physical size of some of these coolers. I'm using Corsair Vengeance DIMMs on the aforementioned MoBo (which appear to be pretty tall).

    Also, what about the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus? I've seen that all over the place, so people must like it?
  5. Either the xigmatek gaia or the hyper 212 evo, the plus falls behind the gaia and it's more expensive, those coolers will have clearance for that ram, though, if you didn't bought the ram yet, i'd get the crucial ballistix sport kit(it's low profile) in microcenter for 45$.
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