How Redundant Power Supply power more than one server

Well...Recently I am reading a book and learning how a server works and how to properly build a basic server computer. However, I came across something which is a bit confusing to beginner.

According to the book, the author stated "some advanced server cases specifically designed for computer servers come with Redundant Power Supplies (Both servers can continue operating even if one of the power supplies fails)."

I know what Redundant Power Supply is and how it works. But what I am confused about is the fact that if a Redundant Power Supply could support or power up two servers according to what the author stated?

As far as I know, Redundant Power Supply can only power up one server.
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  1. Theres some racks that provide DC power instead of AC for the entire rack so in that respect a redunct supply could be tasked with powering more that one Server.
  2. A great example of this are HP blade enclosures that can fit up to 6 power supplies while housing 4 full height or 8 half height blades. While all 6 are distributing power across the enclosure if one fails the other 5 will basically pick up the slack. The only problem you'll run into is that when you are running a power supply or more short. During start up the server will draw a high amount of power which can cause problems with the other actively running servers but once that server has finished booting up the power drain normalizes.
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