Catalyst 12.8 possible issue

This morning, I could not start up Dirt 3...I got black screen, and no system response after starting Dirt 3.

I was concerned I finally did damage playing around with OCing.

I went through your basic diagnostics. I found a solution. I turned off crossfire, and turned it back on, and it started working.

This afternoon, coming back home, same problem, same solution worked.

Anyone else having this issue?
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  1. Dirt 3 is very picky. Whenever I'd overclock my cpu or gpu that game would crash on start up for me. Try resetting overclocks (CPU AND GPU) and try going into it.

    Otherwise, that's just an amd driver issue. You could try using 12.7,

    Are you stress testing your gpu's enough after overclocking? Run furmark for a looong, loong time. A few minutes won't cut it.
  2. Did you disable ULPS when you updated your drivers? Try disabling ULPS and see if that fixes it.
  3. I'm having a similar issue with BF3 since CCC was updated to 12.8
  4. Will try some stuff and report back.
  5. Whenever I try to join a server the screen would just stay black for BF3. I've tried other games like Crysis 2, MW3, Witcher 2, Left 4 Dead 2, all work fine.
  6. If you haven't, make sure you disable ULPS if you're running a crossfire setup...

    Also make sure you follow these procedures when updating your drivers:
  7. Have not reproduced it via various load tests and Dirt 3 gaming. But both times it seemed to happen when computer was sleeping and then woken up. I did test setting sleep to 1 minute to force sleep, and did not reproduce it that way either.

    I also had to reduce what I thought was a previously stable OC to prevent issues, but I am not sure if that's a driver difference, or a card issue...trying to reduce variables, by first getting back to a stable overclock (so far, 860/1350 on the 6950s seems stable with max voltage allowed by Trixx.)

    So nothing definitive to report.

    On the bright side, Dirt 3 finally runs with decent frame rates ( > 100) except in the rain :) Rain definitely seems to bring fps down by a lot.
  8. Ok, no progress other than to suggest it's not a card problem, it's a driver issue.

    I ran 3D mark extreme looped for over 30 minutes, and it ran fine. Played Diablo 3, seemed fine.

    But when I left PC for long enough, video for games simply does not work. I have to disable crossfire. And I can't always enable, because second card won't show up in Catalyst I think. A reboot is then needed.
  9. Did you take my advice about disabling ULPS?
  10. Yes, I disabled ULPS to the best of my knowledge. I am trying 12.4 to see what happens.
  11. 12.4 solves. It also gives expected fps in Dirt 3, unlike some of the later versions, which was something 12.8 solved ( been wracking my brain trying to understand how dual 6950s only did 80 fps on the in game bench.)
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