Best 200$ cpu+mobo for gaming?

im looking for a new cpu+mobo for around 200$ something better than my amd athlon x4 640
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  1. Anything will do. As long as ur GPU is good
  2. What motherboard do you have? If it takes the newer FX chips, then you can keep the MB and just spend the whole $200 on an 8350.
  3. Assuming he has the motherboard in his sig he is stuck with Phenoms unless he changes motherboard.

    $200 isn't a bad budget for a CPU+motherboard though, around that price bracket it's likely you are going to be looking at an FX6300 or i3 3220, depending on preferences and usage.
  4. Get the FX-6300 and the asrock extreme 4 :

    The FX-6300 is a better cpu than the FX-8120, since it's from the piledriver architecture.
    Or the FX-8320 for 169.99$ :
  5. what cooler would be best to use?
  6. It depends on your budget, for about 20$, get the xigmatek gaia, for 30$ get the cm hyper 212 evo.
  7. Is your processor really the bottleneck in your system? i3 3220 would only be a 15 to 35 percent increase in proc. power. If it is a bottleneck, just ignore me.
  8. I dont believe that you should upgrade in anything less than this, because Athlon is still pretty strong:
  9. my budget is around 500$ for a mobo + cpu + AMD 7870
  10. Either the FX-6300 or the FX-8320 is a good upgrade from the athlon, if he can afford the FX-8320, obviously it will be better.

    Well then get the FX-6300+asrock extreme 4 and xigmatek gaia for just 242$ and get the 7870XT sapphire(7870 tahiti le) in amazon for 245$.
    Or the FX-8320+asrock extreme 4+ xigmatek gaia for 278$ and the 7870 ghz edition in newegg.
  11. will that mobo support the FX-6300 out the box? i don't want to update the BIOS
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