The Best GTX 670: EVGA FTW vs MSI Power Edition OC

Hello, I have been looking GTX 670s lately, and have been having the most trouble choosing one of the bunch.

I have already decided that I won't be going for the ASUS DC2 Top, as it has been discontinued on most websites, and I am now left deciding between the MSI Power Edition OC and the EVGA FTW Edition.

I would mostly be playing graphics extensive games like Battlefield 3, GTA IV ICEnhancer, and Crysis in 1080 at preferably 60+ fps, as well as recording and editing gameplay for Youtube.

Could anyone please help me in making this decision because I am having no luck finding any benchmarks that directly compare these two cards, and I really want to order within the next week or so.

This card would be paired with an i5 3570k in a Rosewill THOR V2 case on an ASUS Z77 motherboard if it is any assistance in how the cooling of the card would effect my system's heat.

Thanks for voting and any suggestions!
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  1. MSI PE would be my choice, but you're not really gonna go wrong with either. They should perform almost equally since their clock speeds are basically the same, but I like the dual fan cooler of the MSI better than the single radial fan of the FTW.
  2. I just bought a MSI PE after looking at both these 2 cards. The MSI card even has a fan reverse feature to clear dust
  3. windforce x3.
  4. The MSI card has the potential to overclock much farther than the EVGA FTW card, with less heat and noise. Go MSI.
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