Do heat spreaders on low profile ram work?

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  1. heat spreaders basically create more surface area so more heat can dissipate... they do work, but not very effective without a fan blowing directly on it!
  2. I prefer the but maybe it's because it just looks more bad a**.

    Do they work? /shrug but it looks cool! Same reason I have a spoiler on my car, clearly I NEED the downforce generated by it.
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    At 1.5v, ddr3 doesn't make enough heat to need heatspreaders. They are just for looks. I would not go with those high heatsinks though. They get in the way of any aftermarket air cooler.
  4. ^ This is correct. 1.5v DDR3 does not need heatspreaders at all. It's just for marketing and looks. Personally I don't think Corsair should have made the high profile Vengance at all. Too many people had issues with it not fitting with their aftermarket coolers. The low profile stuff is fine. Same exact RAM just made more user friendly.

    If you just want heatspreaders for looks go with GSkill Ripjaws X. It will fit under an aftemarket cooler. It's as good as the Corsair as well.
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