Best setup fan [CM Haf 912]

What would be the best setup for the Cooler Master Haf 912?

Front: 2x120mm or 200mm
Top: 2x120mm or 200mm
Side: 120mm or 140mm
Rear: 120mm

The case brings...
Front: 120mm (stock)
Rear: 120mm (stock)

I have these fans...
CM 1x120mm SickleFlow
CM 1x140mm R4
CM 1x200mm MegaFlow

Can I change the stock rear fan to the front? To have 2x120mm in front.

If it is possible, I have thought to do the following:

Rear: 120mm SickleFlow
Side: 140mm R4
Top: 200mm MegaFlow
Front: 2x120mm (stock)

What do you think?

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  1. Rear: 120mm SickleFlow outake
    Side: 140mm R4 your choice depending on your setup
    Top: 200mm MegaFlow outake
    Front: 2x120mm (stock) intake

    What do you think? < Yes looks good :D :D :D
  2. I would be weary of the sleeve bearing fan mounted horizontally at the top. Sleeve bearing fans do not like being horizontal.

    I'm ordering 2 ball bearing 120mm fans for the top and putting a 200mm sleeve bearing fan at the front. If you are set on using a 200mm top exhaust fan, get an Antec Big Boy 200 (Ball bearing). You may have to drill a new mounting hole or two though.
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