HD 3000 Graphics not reaching maximum clocks?

I have a laptop with Intel HD 3000 graphics (i3 2370m CPU). From what I looked up the IGP has a base frequency of 650mhz and a maximum boost frequency of 1.15ghz. I was monitoring it with GPU-Z while I did some gaming and ran a benchmark in Furmark, but the clock speed never budges over 650ghz. I got the same readings with PC Wizard. What's going on here?
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  1. boost frequency i would think would depend on the temperature of the cpu as well. it will lower its clock when its starts to heat up, and I definitely can sense it probably heated up under furmark.
  2. The maximum temps I monitored during everything were 47C (core 0), 52C (core 1), 52C (CPU package), and 51C (GPU). That doesn't seem high enough for thermal throttling.
  3. you shouldnt be running furmark on a laptop. it kills the chips since the chassis most likely doesnt have adequate cooling (manufacturers cheap out this way since they know your system will never reach 100% usage)
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