Little help with some questions

Hey guys, i'm new here and i have some questions.

My computer specs:

Motherboard: Asus P8P67-M
CPU: Intel Core I5 2500K
GPU: Powercolor 6870
RAM: HyperX 4GB
Case: Coolermaster Elite 430
PSU: Corsair GS600W

I'm thinking on buying a few things to upgrade my computer but i'm not sure about some stuff

I want to get:

Case - HAF X
GPU - Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP
PSU - Corsair HX-850W Modular or Corsair CS800W

My questions are:

Can a Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP run on a Corsair GS600W PSU?

Does the Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP fit on a Coolermaster Elite 430 case? (pretty sure it does, but if someone can confirm it would be great)

Is it worth it buying a Modular PSU just for better Cable management? or does a Modular PSU offer any other advantage?
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  1. 1: if you are looking for a good case, the haf xm (same as the haf x but just a tad smaller) or the corsair carbide 500R are pretty much my picks

    2: id get the gigabyte gtx670 or the msi power edition 670 instead of the asus. they cool better than the asus and for the msi one, it has overvolting support. no other 670 has it

    3: the video cards i recommend are 10-11 inches. the asus is 10.75

    4:the power supply you have currently can handle the card fine. you might want to look into something like the xfx xxx 750w power supply if you are going to do some SLI. its possible on the gs600w but i dont really recommend it
  2. To answer your questions:
    1) GTX670 of any kind is not power hungry, and should run on a good 500w psu. Your Corsair is a good one, and could run even a GTX680.

    2) It should fit, but I can't confirm that from experience.

    3) Functionally, a modular psu does nothing but save the space for the few power leads that you are not actually using.

    What don't you like about your current case, and what does the HAF-X do for you?

    I might suggest you look into the Silverstone TJ-08E if you want a smaller case.
    I have the same M-ATX motherboard in the TJ-08E along with a GTX680 and a full height cpu cooler.
    The thing is silent, the front 180mm fan provides plenty of silent cooling.

    I like the direct exhaust coolers better than the type used on the top.
    They get the heat out of the case directly and dont depend on good case cooling.
    Something like this evga GTX670 FTW:
  3. My current case is small, that is why i want the HAF X, it has plenty of room, cooling options and good cable management. I can't fit the H100 on my current case and with the HAF X i can fit it and still use 2x 120/200mm fan on top
  4. so you should get the haf xm.
  5. one more thing:

    I've seen some bad reviews on the Asus GTX 670 DC II Top saying they are unstable and stuff. Are the problems fixed or should i get a GTX 670 FTW?
  6. the TOP had some issues with the v-bios causing it to crash. they fixed it but the new stock should come out later on.

    id rather not get a ftw card unless you have bad airflow in your case. definitly spring for something like a msi power edition or a gigabyte windforce gtx670
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