Faulty system, motherboard?

Hey guys,

I just assembled my new computer, but when I turn it on there's "no cable signal".

I tried swapping the graphics card to an older one I had laying around. I also tried using different PCI-E slots in case the slot was damaged. The result is the same.

Is it safe to conclude that the problem is the motherboard?

Hope you can help me out.
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  1. Really dumb question here, but how do I connect the onboard graphics to my monitor? I don't see anywhere to plug it in. No HDMI, DVI or other connectors.
  2. I'll try that out when I get the time to move everything around. Thanks.

    One last thing though. How will this give me any more information? I already know that the graphics card is not the culprit.

    Is there any chance that it could be the CPU or RAM? Afaik you get something on your screen as soon as motherboard and GPU is functional.
  3. I'll definitely try it out then ;) I'm not that worried though. I know I didn't do anything wrong when I assembled it, I can just have it replaced by the hardware store if anything is wrong.
  4. Same thing happened on a friend's computer that I just built. He had the ASRock Extreme4 Z77 and we had to run on the motherboard graphics, install his 660ti, and then switched the cable to his video card.
  5. I've just noticed that I've made a mistake... My motherboards chipset is X79. The X79 does not have an onboard gpu. This takes me to original question.

    Do you think the motherboard is faulty?
  6. I just edited my previous comment. The X79 doesn't have a GPU.
  7. I really don't understand where I'm supposed to plug it in... I'm sitting with the motherboard manual, and I don't see any connectors for a monitor. Can you tell me exactly where the connector is?

    Some images here to let you see how it looks:
  8. Understood, you don't have any VGA, DVI, or HDMI ports. Okay, what port is your video card installed in?
  9. The uppermost PCI-E slot, I have tried the middle one as well, same result. I also tried another card in both slots.
  10. Do you have power cables running to the video card itself? Also, not sure if it matters but do you have a power cable plugged into the motherboard right next to that uppermost PCI-E slot?

    Have you ever had display on this computer? Even POST or anything?
  11. Also, 1 very important detail you left out. When the computer is powered on what code is displayed on the LCD "DR Debug" on the bottom of the motherboard?
  12. The power connector above the uppermost PCE-E slot is for SLI. The other card I tried is just a single core, so that is not the issue.

    Dr. Debug says:
    19 and 60 alternating a few times, then constant 67(EDIT: Maybe b7).
  13. Now that I think about it, it might be b7... and not 67

    There is no line at the top og the digit.. 2 vertical lines on the left side, the middle and bottom horizontal and the bottom right vertical line. Is that a b or 6?
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    Borrowed this from over at tweaktown:
    Debug code shows "67", it maybe related to CPU.
    Please kindly re-install the CPU and check whether the CPU socket is fine.

    If debug code shows "b7", it maybe related to memory.
    1. Please re-install CPU, memory and VGA card to try.
    2. Please check whether two sticks memory are installed to DDR3_A1 and B1 slot.
    3. Install a stick memory to DRAM_A1 slot by turns to check two sticks memory and memory slot are fine.
    4. Install a stick memory to DRAM_B1 slot by turns to check two sticks memory and memory slot are fine.
    5. Only install the necessary device of system to try again. ( CPU, a stick memory and VGA card)

    Also, is your RAM on the compatibility list for that mobo? Someone else mentioned:
    Ended up getting RAM that was on ASRock's comparability list for my board and the new RAM worked like a charm. It was a bit of a pain to find RAM (I wanted a 32GB matched set) but other, smaller sets weren't too hard to find.
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  16. I found that exact same post :) and I think I know what's wrong.. Also, it is no biggie. My RAM are not supported by my MOBO. Fortunately, the RAM I have in my computer are some I "bought" to use while I was waiting for the ones I intended to use.

    In Denmark we have a 14 day return, all money back policy, when dealing over the net and I intended to take advantage of that while waiting.. Guess I won't have good out of it now though :P

    The ones I'm waiting for arrive Monday, they are supported. (I have Corsair 4x4GB 1600Mhz in right now)

    @jrgong no problem, it was my bad for giving you wrong information.
  17. Very good! I'm glad that we could help! I completely understood jrgong's frustration when you quoted having a Z77. Good luck to you!
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