New Graphics Card And PSU Slowed Down My PC

So i bought a new graphics card the other day and to go with it a power supply. I was upgrading from an onboard graphics and a stock power supply. The problems started occurring when i tried to install the drivers for my new Sapphire HD said that the detection drivers had failed...but the installation was successful. Then when i restarted my pc i noticed that the speed had drastically decreased. Programs took time to open and games would freeze. Eveytime i open firefox and open a few tabs it stops responding and i have to restart the pc. I uninstalled the onboard graphic drivers but to no avail. Whenever i try to uninstall the ATI drivers the pc stops responding and i have to reboot. I ran it in safe mode and then tried to install the drivers again but the same problem occured...driver detection failed. Is there something wrong with my PSU or my Processor or Mobo? It was running fine before all this.

My Specs are:
Processor: i3 540 @ 3.06 Ghz
Mobo: Intel DH55PJ
RAM: 4 Gb DDR 3
HDD: 500 Gb
GPU: Sapphire HD 6770
PSU: 460 W Cooler Master Extreme

Your help will be most appreciated! :)
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  1. Did you plug in the 6-pin connector from the power supply to the graphics card?
  2. Yeah i did and the graphics card is working i did a play a few games but they started freezing and stuttering.
  3. Did you remove the old drivers when you installed the new drivers? (no idea if the onboard graphics had other drivers...)
  4. i did uninstall them but they were Intel HD Graphics drivers for the onboard card...but yes i did uninstall them after i installed the ATI ones cause i thought they wouldnt make such of a difference.
  5. Are you plugging the monitor to the graphics card and not the motherboard?
  6. i am plugging it into the graphics card.
  7. I'd suggest windows reinstall.. You've obviously got a driver conflict, and it's very hard to find out what's causing it and even harder to fix it. Reinstalling windows is probably the fastest way.
  8. Hmmm im going to try that..but if that doesnt work..then what? But how can it be a driver conflict if have deleted the Intel HD Graphics? :/
  9. I'm sure it will help. Sometimes it's very hard to get rid of the remnants of old driver, even if you uninstall it, it doesn't mean you got rid of it all.
  10. Im going to try that tomorrow...Hope it works!
  11. Wait another thing happened...and this happened the first time i installed the graphics card...when i started my went from the intel mobo screen to a black screen then Intel Boot Media opened...and said that it had failed to load boot media...PXE 2.0 Failed to load...something like that related to my hard disk?
  12. And another thing why didnt my pc detect the graphics card...It should have said something like New Hardware Detected...but it didnt...and i guess thats the cause of the driver detection so confused! :(
  13. Don't bump posts..

    Anyway, reinstall windows and tell how it went. Can't help anymore before you do that.
  14. Okay sorry and will do.
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