"Reboot and Select proper Boot Device"

Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key

So this is the error message I get once I switch on my new build pc.
I tried ctrl+alt+del x 2 to get into bios, or press DEL after my pc starts up, it will restart and show me this message instead of getting into BIOS.

Yes, I'm quite sure I have everything plugged in properly accordingly.
I tried switching different SATA slots for my SSD but it doesn't seem to change anything. All the fans are running - CPU, Chasis and graphic card.

One more thing is that, when I connect my monitor to VGA slot of motherboard, the screen shows no signal. However, when I switch to DVI cable and connect the monitor to graphic card DVI slot, my monitor can able to display stuff. Does that mean there is something wrongly with my Mobo because its VGA slot is not working?

My system:
Asus P8H77-I
Intel i5-3550
MSI Geforce 660 Ti PE
XFX 550W
Patriot 2x4GB RAM
OCZ Agility 3 SSD 120GB
BitFenix Prodigy
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  1. I seem to have found something.
    If I remove sata cable from SSD and boot, my pc is able to get into Asus UEFI BIOS Utility - EZ Mode. Does it mean my SSD is DOA or something?
  2. can anybody help? :(
  3. When you have a graphics card in the machine, you wont get a video signal from onboard graphics until Windows boots.

    How to get into the BIOS is different for every board, but usually you hit DEL when the mobo splash screen comes up (There should be an ASUS logo and possibly the board name), there might even be instructions right there on how to get into the BIOS.
    Turn on the machine, and just mash DEL, that's usually the way in. If that doesn't work, check your manual on how to get in.

    The SSD being DOA shouldn't prevent you from accessing the BIOS. The BIOS is stored locally on the motherboard, doesn't require anything other than power, RAM and a CPU to work.
    Likely it just goes there by default as there is no other drive to boot from.

    That error message means you dont have a usable OS on any of your drives. Have you installed Windows yet?
    If not, then you need to connect an optical drive with the Win disc inside. Go into the BIOS and configure it as first in the Boot Order. Plug in the SSD. Turn the machine on, and it should then boot off the windows disc. From there you can install Windows to the SSD.

    If you have and are getting that error. Windows has corrupted or the drive has failed. Re-install Windows and see if that fixes it. If you cant, drive may be dead.
  4. Everything is solved now. I restarted it a couple of times until the splash screen screen came out and I quickly press DEL to enter BIOS then boot from flash drive.

    Thanks for your help! I have successfully installed windows 8 into the new pc. Just a couple of questions though:

    1. Front Panel USB 3.0 ports don't seem to recognize my flash drive, but they recognized my wireless keyboard receiver. What could be the problem? Both of the front panel USB ports are 3.0, and I connected their cable to the usb3.0 port on Motherboard, however I do notice the cable is attached to another usb 2.0 connector too. Do I need to plug in BOTH 2.0 and 3.0 cable into the mobo?

    2. my motherboard has only 1 chasis fan slot and 1 cpu fan slot. now both are being used, but I still have another 2 extra fan. For the one I purchase for extra, it does come with a converter which allows me to connect it to the molex, but the other fan comes with the chasis and it doesn't have any converter. What is the cheapest way for me to connect that the fan as well? (either to psu or mobo, i don't mind)
  5. If its plugged in and the keyboard is detected, dont know why not the flash drive. Maybe its unformatted. You can check to see if its detected at all in Disk Management (which is also where you can format it). Not sure how to get there in Win 8 though.

    Another adapter. Any local computer store (that sells components, not just prebuilts and laptops) should have a million lying around and will probably sell you one for a dollar or two.
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