How to control 2 firefox windows same time with one keyboard

so, here is the situation. Th job required to do

I have to loginto my employer's site. Then, check some docs. I either have to input yes or no. right arrow key means no, left arrow key means yes. so, one by one, word doc come and i hit left or right arrow key.

now, i got to handle 2 accounts. Previously, i use to spend 2 hrs on first account, then next 2 hours on other account.

Now i got one laptop and one desktop pc side by side. One of my hand is on keyboard(normal, desktop) and other hand works on laptop keyboard.

now, i can open 2 firefox windows, open both accounts side by side on same monitor, pc.

But, this has become cumbersome as i have to use mouse to switch between windows.

By any means, can i assign like "left, right arrow key to right firefox window) and some other buttons like "a , s for left firefox window".

so, if i hit left right arrow key, i should verify docs on right firefox window. but if i hit a,s i should be able to verify left firefox window account. is this possible?
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  1. First of all this all seems a little confusing, so let me get this strait, you have 2 separate computers(laptop/desktop whatever), 2 separate computers projecting onto 1 screen? Like the desktops for the particular machines are side by side on one monitor, both running their own web pages, and you want separate controls for each with a limited function as simple as left and right?

    Ok assuming I'm picking up what your laying down, no you can't split a keyboard to 2 separate machines. What I would do is, if I understand correctly, I would use the desktop as the dedicated computer obviously just use the keyboard here. for the laptop install a programmable gaming mouse to it, and program the right an left click buttons on it to operate as the right and left arrows. I have a Razor Deathadder and I can program the 5 keys on it to any key on the keyboard.

    Am I understanding this correctly? this way you would have the ability to have the mouse and the left and right arrow in one hand.
  2. i think you just solved my problem. :) big thanks
  3. iamnotlaptop said:
    i think you just solved my problem. :) big thanks

    Im just reading back through my old posts, did you find what you were looking for? Best answer?
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