Best Budget GPU Under $140

Hi im building a new gaming rig and I would like to know what is the best gpu under $150
here are links to my build




GPU: ???
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  1. Probably the GTX 560 or the HD 6870:

    I'd probably get the GTX 560. If you want to spend closer to the $100 mark, the 7770 is a decent deal at $110 or so.

  2. thanks but is there i gpu thats $140 and have good performance
  3. Tom`s monthly Graphics card bang for buck,3107.html

    You obviously know of newegg. So, find something in your price range and read some reviews.
  4. thanks but if there are more recmondations let me hear
  5. +1 EVGA 560

    Did you read the article I linked?
    This page here is in your price range - page 3 $115 to $150,3107-3.html
  6. what vendor for Nvidia GTX 560SE is the best Zotac or EVGA
  7. noob924 said:
    thanks but is there i gpu thats $140 and have good performance


    Both GPUs I linked (the GTX 560 and 6870) will have good performance and are around the $140 mark.
  8. EVGA

  9. Not the 560SE... that's a different card. That EVGA GTX 560 is a far better option, and EVGA is the best Nvidia vendor.
  10. Quote:


    Thanks just4today you really helped me
  11. what gpu is better

    GTX 560:

    GTX 560 SE:

    should i go for the gtx 560 for $164
    or the gtx 560 se for $129

    because im on a $500 budget
  12. I also want to play games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto IV, Call Of Duty Black Ops, And the upcoming GTA V and Black Ops 2
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