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Just thought I would pass along some info. It had been stated in this forum that all three soundcards in the Philips lineup use the same DSP. According to info in this review;

the Acoustic Edge uses a different DSP. The AE uses the "Thunderbird Avenger" DSP while the four channel (Seismic Edge) and two channel versions use the Thunderbird 128 DSP. As a result, they use different drivers also.

Why do I bring this up? Because some people had bad experiences with the Seismic Edge and condemned the whole Philips lineup without ever actually trying the Acoustic Edge. The Acoustic Edge is a different animal and deserves it's own fair shake. Doing otherwise is like having a bad experience with the Soundblaster 128 PCI and writing off the SBlive!

And yes, I'm very happy with my Philips Acoustic Edge. :)

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  1. thanks for your post. Its most helpfull considering I'm thinking of getting an acoustic edge right now and im running xp pro.

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  2. Well, I took a look around Philips' remarkably slow website, only to fail to find for sure whether that is true or not.

    If it is true, then I apologize. I am one of the ones that has said on many occasions to not get the AE because of the poor DSP (I have a Seismic Edge). However, the poor drivers are still an issue, since that is a company problem, not a card problem.

    Not everyone has had problems, but myself and one friend both did, as well as a couple of people on this board. Good to know that the AE has a better DSP, though.

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  3. Yes, the Acoustic Edge is a good card. At ~$70, I'd be pissed if it wasn't.

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  4. I looked on my Seismic Edge, and it's a Thunderbird 128.
    Anyone want to look one their Acoutic Edge?

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