My Windows 7 disk doesn't seem to be working.

I recently complete my homebuild (specs below) and while it booted up fine, my copy of Windows 7 doesn't seem to be working. It never seems to complete its installation without crashing partway through. I often get notices that say that the windows version is corrupted.

I've tried installing it multiple times, but I've had no success with any of them. I've also tried cleaning the disk in an attempt to get the data from it better, but that doesn't seem to work either.

If it helps:
I5 3570K @ stock
8GB DDR3-1600MHz
Z77 Extreme 4
Caviar Black 1TB
Sony 24X DVD +/- drive.
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  1. Where did you get your copy of Windows 7?

    Assuming it's an OEM or Retail try installing with just one stick of RAM installed.

    If it's a TechNet Download, try re-burning the DVD at a slower rate.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I bought it as a download CD off if that helps.

    (Well technically my parents did, but y'know)

    Trying with one stick of ram (4GB) right now. Will report feedback.
  3. No, that's not working. Any other suggestions?
  4. First off, I'd like to see the link that allows you to purchase the OS for download. I've never seen Microsoft allow this in the retail world. I think you (your parents) may have been scammed.

    Your best bet now, it to re-Burn the ISO download from to DVD (not CD).

    -Wolf sends
  5. I don't see anything on that link that says, "Download Now". Maybe that's an option during checkout (not in the UK, so I can't go there). All I'm saying is that I've never heard of being able to download Microsoft Windows from Amazon (purchased and delivered, sure, but not downloaded).

    Also, when you do purchase Microsoft Windows 7, it comes on a DVD, not a CD. Windows 7 does not fit onto a CD. So if you are downloading the ISO and trying to burn it to a CD, the burn is probably failing and that would cause the OS install to fail as well.

    -Wolf sends
  6. DVD. I meant DVD.
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